Monday, April 23, 2012

I had a question regarding my goals for the year. Maybe the reason I have been putting it off is that I have failed at most of them! Failed is not the right term, so I will say redirected :)

First, all the juicing that I was doing was supposed to get my body in  tip top health. Unfortunately, I found out that I am allergic to nickel and all the juicing is not helping me at all. Wow, who would have thought? I am actually having a hard time finding out what I can eat without my hand breaking out. Yes, my hand, yes,it is weird.

In the exercise department, I have not gotten the T-tapp DVD yet. The one I want comes with a big price tag, so I have been waiting to purchase it. In the meantime, I go for walks, jog, and bike with the kids. I am not getting rock hard abs, but I am staying reatively healthy by doing this.

Now for the goal of an early bed time. Nope, not working. My earliest was 10:30 and I happened to have been on a fast and it was day four and I was miserable. That being said, I am doing fine with 6 or 7 hours of sleep. So let's just say that I go to bed before midnight. :)

This month I wanted to start knitting or crocheting. I have done both! I made a small dog collar for Sammie. I was just practicing and when I was finished I decided that it would make a nifty dog collar. How lame! I have to admit it was small but cute, so I did accomplish this month's goal.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Easter has come and gone. What a wonderful time to really concentrate on Christ's death, burial and resurrection! What a joy to have the hope of heaven and to see our Savior and loved ones again some day.
We like to read the book of Mark during this time. It was interesting to hear the kids discuss new things that they had learned from Scripture that they had never thought about before.

Of course, we like to color Easter eggs every year. It is a tradition and a fun way to enjoy time together.
Dan designed this egg free hand! Slightly jealous of his artist ability. We joke that he should have been a tattoo artist.
 Everyone started drawing faces on their eggs. What a bunch.
Bunny cookies for everyone. We don't usually buy the prefab kind, but they were cheap :)
Someone had the camera set on macro, so the shots are very blurry.

On Sunday we had a ham dinner with all the fixings.
 Afterwards we had a quick Easter egg hunt outside.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthdays happen quite often in a house full of nine people. I try to make the day special by asking the birthday boy or girl what they want for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It really varies from person to person but pizza rates pretty high.
Josiah wanted bear pancakes with chocolate chips for his last birthday breakfast.
Sometimes I let them frost their own cake. Ok, this cake is a bit ugly, but it tasted so good.