Friday, January 17, 2014

A New Love

I have always wanted to have my kids learn new things and grow by doing them. This year Jonathan and Anna have had the privilege of being in CAST. It is a phenomenal group of singers, actors and dancers!
Anna is in Aladdin Jr. She is one of Jasmine's attendants and has a few lines that she gets to sing by herself. I guess you call that a solo part :) Her voice is beautiful and I think that she will make a leading lady some day!
Jonathan has had some great opportunities, as well. He has a leading role in Flapper and I am very excited to see him perform!
Another opportunity is for him to sing at Busch Gardens for the Christmas season. They have asked CAST to sing many times throughout December. I love to hear Jonathan's solo! Woohoo! I have waited for this since the last solo when he was 8!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Let's Grow!

When the kids are bored they tend to want to go on some sort of screen: tv, computer games. This is an easy way to kill time, but it really detracts from family time and building memories together.
I have been challenged to encourage my children to be creators rather than consumers. To have them be the ones to build, plant, fish, bike, draw, paint, tend.
The youngest boys have helped tend to our little garden. That meant that they had to help grandma plant it, then water it. The harvest is always fun and easy. Fresh beans, peas and tomatoes. Yum! A few unnamed older ones have been know to eat a bunch and not leave any for the hard workers ;) Just wait a few days and here comes some more!