Friday, January 17, 2014

A New Love

I have always wanted to have my kids learn new things and grow by doing them. This year Jonathan and Anna have had the privilege of being in CAST. It is a phenomenal group of singers, actors and dancers!
Anna is in Aladdin Jr. She is one of Jasmine's attendants and has a few lines that she gets to sing by herself. I guess you call that a solo part :) Her voice is beautiful and I think that she will make a leading lady some day!
Jonathan has had some great opportunities, as well. He has a leading role in Flapper and I am very excited to see him perform!
Another opportunity is for him to sing at Busch Gardens for the Christmas season. They have asked CAST to sing many times throughout December. I love to hear Jonathan's solo! Woohoo! I have waited for this since the last solo when he was 8!!

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